Pinkcoin Foundation + The Connected Foundation

A brief explanation on Donate4Life:

Donations made in Pinkcoin ( to one of the Donate4Life (D4L) Pools ( remain in that pools D4L wallet while staking on the network. These coins are locked permanently and will never be in circulation again. Every single coin staked by your principle donation will be directly forwarded to the current supported charity partner, in this case The Connected Foundation. This means that your initial Pinkcoin donation will continue to donate on your behalf automatically, for life. Pinkcoin foundation has vetted and selected this next charity organization to receive funding from Donate4Life’s Humanitarian Pool fund.

Pinkcoin is proud to announce our partnership with The CONNECTED FOUNDATION. A U.S. based 501C3 not-for-profit public charity whose mission is to connect and develop people and communities through innovative psychological services, financial and technical literacy programs and community partnerships with likeminded individuals and companies in an effort to level the playing field in order to change the world.

The Connected Foundation’s FIN-TECH-LIT program provides hardware, training and a financial education to the kids who need it most. The Connected Foundation works to create opportunities and give kids the access and education necessary to meet the demands of daily living in this modern, technological society. In our program, we teach kids about money and technology and give them the tools they need to become successful.

1. What change will your project achieve with this partnership with Pink?

The partnership between Connected Foundation and Pinkcoin will help fund the implementation of Connected Foundation’s FIN-TECH-LIT program. The FIN-TECH-LIT program teaches technical and financial literacy to the most in need kids. The comprehensive program will teach the basics of money, such as how to create a bank account, and the more complex concepts of investing, and using cryptocurrency. The FIN-TECH-LIT program is designed to teach these kids about money and technology so they can create financial freedom for themselves, their families and their communities.

2. Where will this project take place?

The Connected Foundation’s FIN-TECH-LIT pilot program will begin this summer at the Cardozo Educational Campus, located in Washington, D.C., and will be expanding to other area schools in the fall. The FIN-TECH-LIT program will provide the necessary hardware to each kid, and give him or her the educational tools needed to take control of their financial future. The long-term goal for the Connected Foundation is to bring its FIN-TECH-LIT program to every community in the country.

You can find out more information about The Connected Foundation and Connected Psychology at and

Welcome to the Pinkcoin Family and we look forward to growing with your organization as it strives to help people and bring a positive impact to many lives.